Quickly open files in Eclipse 4.

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Quickly Open Files in Eclipse 4

FastOpen is the fastest way to open, or navigate to, files in Eclipse 4.

Just press ctrl+r to show the FastOpen window and press Enter to open, or navigate to, selected files. Since FastOpen ranks files based on most recent access, you can use it to focus already open files very quickly. Or if you accidently close a file, just press ctrl+r then press Enter to reopen it.



Eclipse 4 FastOpen Screenshot



Update Site

Installation Guide

  1. Launch Eclipse
  2. Go to Help -> Install New Software...
  3. Press the Add button on the install window
  4. Paste the update site link to location.
  5. Press OK
  6. Select the FastOpen plugin shown in the list view under Uncategorized.
  7. Press Next.
  8. Agree to the license terms.
  9. Press finish.
  10. Restart Eclipse.